Tofa LGA Zip Postal Codes

Tofa L.G.A Zip Postal Codes:

The Zip Postal Codes of all towns, villages, districts, streets, areas and places under Tofa L.G.A (Local Government Area) of North Western part of Nigeria are given below.

The names of the areas are given side to side with their respective Zip Postal Codes.

Doka 701103
Dokadawa 701103
Dutwatsu 701103
Fofa 701103
Ginsawa 701103
Kadawa 701103
Kazardawa 701103
Kwami 701103
Lambu 701103
Langel 701103
Rinji 701103
Sabon Gari Katsalle 701103
Yango 701103
Yanoko 701103
Yarimawa 701103

Other Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas (L.G.A)’s under Kano State are given below in the link:

Zip Postal Codes of L.G.A’s in Kano State


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