Takai LGA Zip Postal Codes

Takai L.G.A  Zip Codes:

The Zip Postal Codes of all towns, villages, districts, streets, areas and places under Takai L.G.A (Local Government Area) of North Western part of Nigeria are given below.

The names of the areas are given side to side with their respective Zip Postal Codes.

Takai Zip Postal Codes:

Abaldu 712103
Bagwaro 712103
Danbazau Gabas 712103
Durbunde 712103
Fajewa 712103
Falali 712103
Gamawa 712103
Hantsai 712103
Huguma 712103
K/Diribo 712103
Kachako 712103
Kafin Farin Ruwa 712103
Karfi 712103
Kayarda 712103
Kogo 712103
Kuka 712103
Kurido 712103
Lafiya 712103
Langwami 712103
Sakwaya 712103
Takai 712103
Toto 712103
Tudun Wada 712103
Tumfusha 712103
Zuga 712103

Other Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas (L.G.A)’s under Kano State are given below in the link:

Zip Postal Codes of L.G.A’s in Kano State


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