Owan West LGA Zip Postal Codes

Owan West LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Owan West LGA Zip Postal Codes is given in this page which contains list of all areas, towns, villages, districts and places under this location of Edo State, South South, of Nigeria.

The list of Zip Postal Codes of these Local Governments (L.G.A’s), areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under it are given below:

Iuleha Zip Postal Codes:

Aropo 313110
Avbiognula 313110
Avbiosi 313110
Eruere 313110
Ikpeyan 313110
Iloje 313110
Ivbiodohen 313110
Oah 313110
Obii Camp 313110
Ogbnagun 313110
Ohia 313110
Okegboro 313110
Okpuje 313110
Ovbiokhua 313110
Ukhuse Osi 313110
Ukhuse-Oke 313110

Ora Zip Postal Codes:

Eme-Ora 313109
Igho-Usie 313109
Ikpafolame 313109
Ogakha 313109
Ogbeturu 313109
Oke 313109
Orbiogharin 313109
Sabongida-Ora 313109
Sobe 313109
Ugbovbiokhare 313109
Ugbueje Camp 313109
Uhiere 313109
Uhoumona 313109
Ukpatore 313109

Ozalla Zip Postal Codes:

Ozalla 313111

Other Zip Postal Codes for towns, villages, streets, districts, Local Government areas(L.G.A) in Edo State are given below:

List of Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas in Edo State


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