Igueben LGA Zip Postal Codes

Igueben LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Igueben LGA Zip Postal Codes is given in this page which contains list of all areas, towns, villages, districts and places under this location of Edo State, South South, of Nigeria.

The list of Zip Postal Codes of these Local Governments (L.G.A’s), areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under it are given below:

Amahor Zip Postal Codes:

Amahor Waterside 310110
Eguare 310110
Idumodin 310110
Obodeko 310110

Ekpon Zip Postal Codes:

Eguare 310111
Idumeko 310111
Idumesa 310111
Idumeshebe 310111
Idumodin 310111
Idumogun 310111
Idumuoigue 310111
Ijeduma 310111
Ikekogbe 310111
Ikpedu 310111
Isiliakor 310111
Ogbe 310111
Olenokhua 310111

Ugun Zip Postal Codes:

Eguare 310109
Idumesan 310109
Idumu-Ikhialen 310109
Idumu-Ikhinlen 310109
Idumuadocha 310109
Idumuneduegbe 310109
Ikekogbe 310109
Oduwebho 310109
Okaigben 310109

Other Zip Postal Codes for towns, villages, streets, districts, Local Government areas(L.G.A) in Edo State are given below:

List of Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas in Edo State


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