Dutse Area Zip Postal Codes

Dutse Area Zip Postal Codes:

The Zip Postal Codes for areas, villages, districts, towns and places under Dutse Area of Jigawa State, North Western part of Niger are given below.

Each of the Zip Postal Codes represent identification for a place or group of places within the area. The names of the areas alongside their Zip Postal Codes are given side to side.

List of Zip Postal Codes for Dutse Area:

Galdimawa Zip Postal Codes:

AreaZip Code
Sani Abacha Rd.720231
IBB Rd.720231
Inland Bank720231
Police Commissioners Qtrs.720231
Commissioners Qtrs.720231
Old Sec.720231
1st Gate Rd.720231
2nd Gate Rd.720231
Police Hqtrs.720231
NITEL District Office720231
NEPA District- Office720231
Hussaini Adamu Poly.720231
Limawa Rd.720231


Internet Area Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Codes
Jigawa State Broadcasting Corp.720223
Internet ware house720223
State printing press720223
Local Govt. Sec.720223
Bye pass720223
NITEL Hqtrs720223
NEPA Hq720223
Takur vill.720223
Fire Service720223
AP Station720223
Open Air Theatre720223
New Govt. House720223
744 Housing Unit720223


Sabuwar Marinjuwa Area Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Gida Dubu A720212
Gida Dubu B720212
Gida Dubu C720212
Gida Dubu D720212
Hakimi Rd.720212
Bye Pass720212
Sani Abacha Rd.720212
Central Mosque720212


Fagoji Area Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Sani Abacha Rd.720241
Garu Rd.720241
Investment complex720241
Unity Rd.720241
Zai Qtrs.720241
Govt. Day Sec. Sch.720241
Jigawa Sarki720241
Kachi Qtrs720241


Kalgo Village Zip Postal Codes:

AreaZip Postal Code
Kargo Village720281
Oil Palm & Research720281
Chieftaincy Affairs720281
Bye pass720281


Sabon Garin Zai Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Hakimi Rd.720221
Sani Abacha Rd.720221
JARDA Rd.720221
JARDA Office720221
Bye pass720221


G.R.A Area of Jigawa Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Nuhu Muhammad Sunusi Rd.720222
Bye pass720222
Habib Bank720222
Union Bank720222
Government House720222


Central Market Area Zip Postal Code:

Area Zip Postal Code
Madobi Rd.720211
Post Office Rd.720211
Central Market720211
Hakimi St.720211


Takur Quartres Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Sani Abacha Rd.720232
IBB Rd.720232
DG’s Qtrs720232
Takur Qtrs.720232
Fed. Sec720232


Government House Area Zip Postal Code:

AreaZip Postal Code
Jigawa State Three Star Hotels20261
Senior Staff Qtrs.20261
Govt. House (residence)20261
General Hospital20261
Sani Abacha Rd.20261

Other Zip Postal Codes for areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under Jigawa State are given in the link below:

Zip Postal Codes for L.G.A’s in Jigawa State

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