Degema LGA Zip Postal Codes

Degema LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Degema LGA Zip Postal Codes is given in this page which contains list of all areas, towns, villages, districts and places under this location of Rivers State, South South, of Nigeria.

The list of Zip Postal Codes of these Local Governments (L.G.A’s), areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under it are given below:

Other Zip Postal Codes for towns, villages, streets, districts, Local Government areas(L.G.A) in Rivers State are given below:

List of Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas in Rivers State

List of Areas under Degema with Zip Postal Codes:

Degema area consist of around 11 places within the same location sharing similar Zip Postal Codes given below.

  • Bille 504102
  • Bokana 504102
  • Bukuma 504102
  • Consulale 504102
  • Degema 504102
  • Elem Ama 504102
  • Ke 504102
  • Obuama 504102
  • Old Bokana 504102
  • Tombia 504102
  • Usokun 504102


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