Asaba LGA Zip Postal Codes

Asaba LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Asaba LGA Zip Postal Codes is given in this page which contains list of all areas, towns, villages, districts and places under this location of Delta State, South South, of Nigeria.

The list of Zip Postal Codes of these Local Governments (L.G.A’s), areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under it are given below:

Other Zip Postal Codes for towns, villages, streets, districts, Local Government areas(L.G.A) in Delta State are given below:

List of Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas in Asaba State

List of Areas under Asaba LGA of Delta State:

  • Central Core Area
  • Ezenei
  • Isieke
  • Okpanam Asaba Rd.
  • Overhead Bridge Layout
  • Umuagu
  • Umuonaje
  • Cablepoint

Central Core Area Zip Postal Code 320241:

  • Benin Asaba Highway 320241
  • New Secretariat Building 320241
  • Okpanam Asaba Rd. 320241

Ezenei Zip Postal Code 320212:

  • Benin Asaba Highway 320212
  • College of Edu. Rd. 320212
  • Egbuna Onyuka St. 320212
  • Leo-Okon Mezie St. 320212
  • Obi Okido Onwuka St. 320212
  • Osadenis High Sch. Rd. 320212

Isieke Zip Postal Code 320232:

  • Benin Asaba High Way. 320232

Okpanam Asaba Rd. Zip Postal Code 320242:

  • Okipanam Asaba Rd. 320242
  • Shell PDC Mian Office 320242

Umuagu Zip Postal Code 320233:

  • Chinedu Eznyin St. 320233

Umuonaje Zip Postal Code 320231:

  • Benin Asaba Highway 320231
  • Ogboronogo Market 320231

Cablepoint Zip Postal Code 320213:

  • Isioma Onyeobi Way. 320213


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