Keffi L.G.A Zip Postal Codes

Keffi L.G.A Zip Postal Codes:

This page contains all the Zip Postal Codes for areas, towns, villages, districts and places under Keffi Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

Each of the areas listed have their accompanying Zip Postal Codes.

Keffi (Rural) Zip Postal Codes:


          Zip Postal Code

Ang. Salabu 961101
Anguwan Jaba 961101
Anguwan Maiganga 961101
Anguwan-Lambu 961101
Dan Dabi 961101
Fagidi 961101
Ganta 961101
Gidan-Kare 961101
Jigwada 961101
Kaibo Mada 961101
Sabon Gari 961101
Saura 961101
Tila 961101
Tunayi 961101
Yar Kadde 961101

Other Zip Postal Codes of Local Government Areas under Nasarawa State of North Central Nigeria are given below:

Zip Postal Codes of Nasaraw State of Nigeria.


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