Jada LGA Zip Postal Codes

Jada LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Jada L.G.A Zip Postal Codes are given in this page. It contains all the Zip Postal Codes of towns, villages, districts, streets and places within this region of Adamawa State, North East part of Nigeria.

The Zip Postal Codes are given below:

Jada Local Government Area (L.G.A) Zip Postal Codes:

Danaba Area Zip Postal Codes:

Danaba 641127
Nadeu 641127
Naguma 641127

Jada Area Zip Postal Codes:

Dagula 641107
Jada 641107
Jamtari 641107
John Holt 641107
Pakorgel 641107
Sarkin Yamma 641107

Koma Area Zip Postal Codes:

Choncha 641109
Deggi 641109
Konglo 641109
Ngolomba 641109
Samlo 641109
Tantile 641109
Tuli 641109

Leko Area Zip Postal Codes:

Dalami 641108
Kubi 641108
Mayo-Hako 641108
So’o 641108
So’o Yelli 641108

Mapeo Area Zip Postal Codes:

Jalingo 641126
Lengdo 641126
Mapeo Gari 641126
Mayo-Bewa 641126

Mayo-Kalaye Area Zip Postal Codes:

Gangnai 641124
Kilbawo 641124
Mayo-Kalaye 641124
Nassarawo 641124
Wuro Abbo 641124

Mbulo Area Zip Postal Codes:

Farang Van 641123
Mangla 641123
Mbngan Tiren 641123
Mbulo Gari 641123
Mbulo Kombuwal 641123
Pola 641123

Nyibango Area Zip Postal Codes:

Banche 641122
Dashen 641122
Nyibango 641122

Yelli Area Zip Postal Codes:

Balauru 641125
Gaadjo 641125
Kojoli 641125
Koma 641125
Mayo-Ine 641125
Namberu 641125
Sapeo 641125

Other Zip Postal Codes of towns, villages, areas, Local Government Areas (L.G.As), Towns, Streets and places under Adamawa State of North East Nigeria are given below:

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