Hadejia LGA Zip Postal Codes

Hadejia LGA Zip Postal Code:

The Zip Postal Codes for areas, villages, districts, towns and places under Hadejia L.G.A of Jigawa State, North Western part of Niger are given below.

Each of the Zip Postal Codes represent identification for a place or group of places within the area. The names of the areas alongside their Zip Postal Codes are given side to side.

List of area Zip Postal codes in Hadejia L.G.A:

  • Chadi 731101
  • Dalla 731101
  • Dubantu 731101
  • Fantali 731101
  • G R A 731101
  • Gagulmari 731101
  • Gandun Binda 731101
  • Garko 731101
  • Goma 731101
  • Kaffar Yamma 731101
  • Koffar Fada 731101
  • Majema 731101
  • Makwalla 731101
  • Matsaro 731101
  • Rumfa 731101
  • Yankoli 731101
  • Yelwa 731101

Other Zip Postal Codes for areas, towns, villages, streets, districts and places under Jigawa State are given in the link below:

Zip Postal Codes for L.G.A’s in Jigawa State


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