Atakumosa West LGA Zip Postal Codes

Atakumosa West LGA Zip Postal Codes:

Atakumosa LGA Zip Postal Codes are given in this page. Which comprises all the Zip Postal Codes of all the areas, districts, towns, villages and nook and crannies of this region of South West, part of Nigeria.

The List of places are given below alongside their corresponding Zip Postal Codes.

Other Zip Postal Codes of places in Osun State of South West part of Nigeria are given below:

List of LGA in Osun State Zip Postal Codes.

Epe Ifelodun Zip Postal Codes:

Epe 233106
Igbadae 233106
Igun 233106
Ijana 233106
Iyenmogun 233106

Ibodi Zip Postal Codes:

Aba Anu 233105
Ibodi 233105
Igila 233105
Olorombo 233105

Ifewara Zip Postal Codes:

Bowale 233109
Ifeware 233109
Imelu 233109
Ogogo Akaro 233109
Owena 233109

Isaobi Zip Postal Codes:

Isaobi 233103
Isotun 233103
Itaosin 233103
Salau 233103

Itagunmodi Zip Postal Codes:

Alaba 233107
Araromi 233107
Itagunmodi 233107

Muroko Zip Postal Codes:

Aladura 233104
Ilaa 233104
Isireyun 233104
Isolo 233104
Muroko 233104

Okebode Zip Postal Codes:

Abebeyun 233108
Kajola 233108
Lala 233108
Oke-Osin 233108
Okebode 233108

Osu Zip Postal Codes:

Akola 233102
Alakowe 233102
Alusekere 233102
Aro-Aji 233102
Ayorunbo 233102
Balogun 233102
Bara 233102
Iloba 233102
Itamerin 233102
Iwaro 233102
Odesomi 233102
Orogo 233102
Osu 233102



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