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This web archive, is one stop place to get all of your Zip / Postal Codes of places in Nigeria. It contains pretty much everything you would need as regards to the Nigeria Zip Codes.

Do you want to fill an online form, want to send a mail, or want to shop for an item online which requires postal code?. Simply browse through the website to get the exact Zip Postal Code of your location.

What is Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

Firstly, Zip code, stands for ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN. This location naming system is applied by USA while Postal Codes are used by other countries instead.

Therefore, Nigeria uses the postal code system rather than ZIP. But, both Zip or Postal Codes are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

That is, the exact identification of a location by set of numbered codes. Zip/Postal codes helps keeps proper track of a mailing sent to a particular location.

Secondly, since we now know what in general Zip or Postal Code mean. Now lets uncover the Postal Code of Nigeria.

Thirdly, when one uses the USPS, which is the United States Postal Service. The Zip Code assigned to Nigeria for identification and also other countries are different from the postal codes of those countries; Nigeria inclusive.

The Zip Code tagged by USPS to Nigeria is 00176-0000, this code is used to route any mail from the US to Nigeria.

Often a times, most people mistake Nigeria international phone dial code for Postal/Zip Code when filling online forms. The Nigeria international Nigeria dialing code is the 234. This code is mostly used incorrectly by users in place of the standard Zip/Postal Code for Nigeria which will be given in the next line.

Lastly, Nigeria Zip Postal Code is 23401, 110001 or 00176. When asked for Nigeria Zip/Postal codes, any of the above listed should work. The Nigeria dial code (234) should not be confused with Nigeria Zip/Postal Codes(23401, 110001 or 00176).

Zip Postal Codes of Nigeria:

  • 110001
  • 23401
  • 00176

It is important to take cognizance of the particular Zip Postal Code of a particular location especially when mailing parcels.

Some cases of items not being delivered to appropriate locations also arises from wrong Zip code tagging.

The three Zip Postal Codes earlier listed above for Nigeria, should be noted that it doesn’t apply to a particular location in Nigeria. It just gives a general identification.

To get the exact Zip Postal Code of a location becomes important when dealing with sensitive mails. Therefore, the purpose of this web archive.

All of the available Zip Postal Codes for many locations in Nigeria has been given in the list below.

So you can skip the remainder of the post, and simply scroll to the bottom to get the Zip Postal Code of your location .

Understanding Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

There are up to 119 countries in the world that adopts the postal code system. And Nigeria is inclusive.

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) was enacted in 1985 as a government organization that handles both local (within Nigeria) and international delivery of mails and parcels.

Zip Postal Codes are number sets usually in 6 figures which provides identification of a place. And thus, enables mails to be sent appropriately by the post office to the exact location.

Postal codes are used to identify geographical settlements comprises different smaller areas inside it. For example, cities. Such that one postal codeĀ  is unique from another. And distinguishes between one city from another.

Postal codes numbering system dates back to myriads of years in the past, in a bid to simplify mailing system caused by boom in teaming population and erection of new building structures in towns.

The first codes for identifying places began with the Zone naming. That is tagging a larger city with particular number. As time went on. The need arose to further assign identification codes to even smaller locations inside the cities. Thus, the ZIP system, Zone Improvement Plan by the United States(US).

The modern day postal code implemented in Nigeria is traced back to the Ukrain’s Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) in 1932.

At first, adaption of this new system of tagging geographical settlement with an identification number proved to be unenthusiastic as most nations didn’t embrace it. But as time went by, many more nations adopted this system; Nigeria inclusive.

Postal Codes are all in digits form but can also come with a combination of both digits and alphabets. That is, alphanumeric. The alphanumeric combination helps to accommodate more locations in a single string of Postal Code. Such that more locations can be added to represent a Zip Postal Code.

Zip Postal Codes aren’t just limited to tagging cities, towns or villages in a particular geographic area. But also, entails tagging organizations, government parastatals, institutions and companies also that deal with great deal of mails.

Postal/Zip Codes are also tagged to post office in a town. Which helps for easy identification of the nearest post office in the area by the postal man when delivering mails. Making the process of mail delivery between one post office and another an easy process. When a mail is sent to a particular post office in an area. It is easier for the mail to be routed to the recipient address.

In addition, Postal/Zip codes come with many advantages. It helps for proper identification of a geographical area, helps to accomplish better mailing/shipping process.

The Advent of NIPOST (Nigerian Postal Service):

Furthermore, the Nigerian Postal Service, known as NIPOST, was established in 1985 to accomplish the advantages of using the postal system and code.

The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST, uses a postal code system which cuts Nigeria into 9 regions. The first digit of Nigerian Postal Code of any location represents the region. While the combination of the first, second digit and third digit signifies the dispatch location for correct routing of the item.

And the last three(3) digits represents the location in which the item is to be delivered. The last, three digits can be seen as the location of the post office, the urban area (city) or rural settlement.

Each State in Nigeria, has NIPOST Head office assigned with postal code ending with the 0001 code. For example, the Garki Main Head office in Abuja, Nigeria is assigned with the 900001 Postal Code while the Ikeja Head office in Lagos is assigned 10001 Postal Code.

Though, many a times when people shop from the internet or address mails, they fail to incorporate the Postal Code into it. As though they feel it isn’t in use.

But, the Postal Code still remains very relevant and mailing services or online shopping malls still pay attention to it.

One of the main reasons why postal codes in this region aren’t used often is due to emergence of door to door mailing services like, DHL and Fedex.

NIPOST main services as a Nigerian Government Organization is to help for handling all of Nigerian mailing system both locally and internationally. NIPOST, collects all forms of mail to be delivered at any location in Nigeria and also outside Nigeria.

The use of Postal Codes by NIPOST to carefully sort out mails to their respective destinations can not be overemphasized. Without the Postal Codes the process would be complicated.

Day in day out in Nigeria, the e-commerce industry is growing at a really fast pace. More people now know how to order for items online, and get delivered to their respective locations via online market places like, JUMIA, KONGA, ALIEXPRESS, EBAY and ALIBABA.

Without the knowledge of Zip Postal Codes delivery process would be another complicated issue because items may not be routed to their correct locations by the online shops.

Here is a list of State Postal Codes in Nigeria given below:

States in Nigeria and Zip Postal Codes:

Each state in Nigeria have their own peculiar postal codes for proper identification. These postal codes also referred to as zip code is tagged to States in Nigeria, such that it provides for easy identification.

Also, the exact Zip Postal Codes of particular location in any state can also be found by browsing through this site.

The general Zip Postal Codes for each State in Nigeria are given below:

      • Abuja 900001
      • Abia 440001
      • Adamawa 640001
      • Akwa-Ibom 520001
      • Anambra 420001
      • Bauchi 740001
      • Borno 600001
      • Delta 320001
      • Ebonyi 840001
      • Edo 300001
      • Enugu 400001
      • Imo 460001
      • Jigawa 720001
      • Kano 700001
      • Kaduna 800001
      • Katsina 820001
      • Kebbi 860001
      • Kogi 260001
      • Kwara 240001
      • Lagos (Island) 101001
      • Lagos (Mainland) 100001
      • Niger 920001
      • Ogun 110001
      • Ondo 340001
      • Osun 230001
      • Oyo 200001
      • Plateau 930001
      • Rivers 500001
      • Sokoto 840001
      • Taraba 660001
      • Yobe 320001
      • Nasarawa 962100

Zip Postal Codes in Nigeria Complete List:

Below is a complete and comprehensive list of all Zip Postal Codes of Places within Nigeria as a whole. Zip Postal Codes of States, Wards, Districts, Areas, Local Government Areas (LGA’s) and Streets are given below.

North Central Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

North East Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

North West Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

South East Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

South South Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:

South West Nigeria Zip Postal Codes:


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